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Today, the company SOPO is unquestionably one of the top leaders in the area of winding. We specialize in manufacturing small, medium, and large series of wound parts for electric motors. Our narrow orientation and specialization opens up room for our other activity – development of technologies for our own manufacturing. We have our own development center that deals with manufacturing prototypes as well as with the development and manufacturing of the must advantageous winding technologies and preparations. Today, we can produce almost any wound part including segmented stators without high initial investment costs, with the maximum slot fill factor, and with an unlimited number of parallel wires. We also take advantage of subsidy categories from European funds, on the basis of which we have been able to acquire very sophisticated equipment. We are successfully combining the most advanced technological equipment made by companies around the world with our own preparations, machines, and ideas. In parallel with the acquisition of new machines, we are developing our own technical equipment. With respect to technology, we are ready for assignments of any variety.

In addition, 100% of our products undergo an output inspection. All of our worksites are equipped with the latest testing equipment, capable of evaluating and archiving test results according to our individual needs and the wishes of our customers. The first-class quality of our products is very important to us, so in 2003 we introduced an EN ISO 9001 quality control system, which we are still maintaining, and which is TÜV certified.

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Let’s take a look back in time and recall the important moments in the history of the SOPO GROUP.

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Company vision

Company strategy in a nutshell. Get to know our philosophy, our way of thinking and our corporate culture.

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SOPO Group

SOPO s.r.o. Belongs to Sopo Group, which specializes in the field of winding.

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