Manufacturing and technology

We manufacture our stators and rotors in four localities in the Czech Republic – Bystřice nad Perštejnem, Jedovnice, Modletice, and Nebovidy

We purchase raw materials directly from selected first-class suppliers, or we obtain them directly from our customers – with very strict demands on quality, accuracy, and ecology. We manufacture according to detailed customer specifications or according to procedures from our own development and research. The manufacturing and technology of unique products is our highly qualified know-how. We invest heavily in our own technologies and machines every year. When taking over a manufacture from large clients, we can take manufacturing technologies, including machines, and then simplify and speed up the processes without losing product quality.

We actively cooperate with our largest clients on technological solutions, improvements and savings, and thanks to that we grow as for the production volume year by year. We have implemented a quality management system as set out by ISO 9001. We regularly undergo a certification by TÜV and audits of quality and processes by our customers.


We have high-end machinery
and technology available.

We combine high-end machinery from the world’s renowned manufacturers with our own technologies, machines, and preparations. In 2012 and 2013 we invested 0.8 million Euros in new technologies and technical solutions. And since 2014, when the figure was over 0.3 million Euros, the annual investment has reached 1.5 million Euros.

We are innovating
and constantly improving our services

We want our customer always gets the best. We place great emphasis on our own technical development and process technologies as well as manufacturing of winding preparations and final products.

Thanks to our independent department for manufacturing prototypes, developing new products, and new technological procedures in the field of winding, we are today capable of offering our customers optimal solutions that always take into account their demands placed on quality, the quantity to be manufactured, and the price.


Our key products

Product 1


Self-bearing coils, winding on skeletons, winding on a core, self-sintering wire can be used, winding of several coils in a series

Product 2


For routine use, for special use,for work under very extreme conditions, with groove commutators

Product 3


For routine use, for special use,for work under very extreme conditions,polar, 4-pole, multi-pole, multi-speed

Product 4


High fill factor, unlimited quantity of parallel wires,as a rule always winding of the whole phase with insulated transitions

  Certified quality system  Tuv

High quality of our products is supported by the quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001 certified by TÜV.


Our biggest treasure is the know-how of our people

Join us – we are a proud Czech family company that produces for the whole world.