SOPO has a new CEO Radomír Sabela

On 1 November 2019 a new CEO and executive Ing. Radomír Sabela, CSc., joined SOPO company taking over the management of the company´s every-day operation. SOPO has grown to the size and significance, when it needs to strengthen the team with new experience and lead the company to the front line in reeling in Europe and in the world.

Mr. Sabela came to us from MOOG Brno (formerly VUES Brno), where he was a director for 4 years. It is a developmental and manufacturing company with a 70-year history in the field of customer solutions of electric rotational machines, having its own research and development, exact production and testing room. They sold their solutions to top clients in Germany, Holland, Italy, USA, China in applications in automobile industry, energy and automation/robotics.

Besides the Czech Republic Radomír Sabela had worked long years abroad, e.g. in Brazil (Sao Paulo), Germany (Hamburg) and had taken a number of managerial courses in USA, Japan and Europe.

SOPO´s customers are demanding, they expect quality solutions, reliable deliveries on time and long-term partnerships. We want to and need to grow in Europe and in the world in the field of reeling, and to be a real number one in the area – both in development and in production. Stabilization of existing customers, gaining new projects and customers and growth in sales, financial stability and company profitability, professionalizing of internal processes and their efficiency and productivity, customer care and developing of talents included of a plan of succession in key parts – these are the fields we are dealing with right now managed by the new CEO.

Our biggest treasure is the know-how of our people

Join us – we are a proud Czech family company that produces for the whole world.