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Zaměstnanec SOPO


Enter a world where family values associated with the expansion of electric motors guarantee job security for years to come.


Our greatest asset is the expertise of our people.

At SOPO, we are one big family. Despite the fact that we are located in 4 regions of the Czech Republic, we believe in the power of joint work and create a family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and valued. With us, you will find not only top technology and expertise, but also a number of benefits that will make your working day more pleasant. Our corporate culture emphasizes personal development, innovation and teamwork. Come and see why SOPO is the right choice for your professional growth!


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At SOPO, we offer not only a career, but a family that will constantly support you at every stage of your career growth. The benefits offered speak of our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction. Our goal is for every employee to feel valued and inspired.

More time for yourself and your loved ones.

With us, every employee enjoys an extra five days off every year. You deserve a little more rest, and we understand that.


Company culture and fun.

Our company not only knows how to work hard, but also how to enjoy time. Our regular company events strengthen the team and bring many fun moments.


Financial security at your fingertips.

You can count on us. We offer our employees interest-free loans and life insurance contributions.


Professional support whenever you need it.

Do you have a legal question? With us, you can use free legal or financial consultations so that you are always in the picture.


Great dining options.

In our company canteen in Modletice, you can find balanced meals every day. In addition, we offer a meal voucher package.


Atmosphere full of well-being and good coffee.

A supportive, friendly family environment with free quality coffee that will give you energy and an appetite for work every day.




The aim of our recruitment is to ensure transparency and efficiency. Although we do not list specific salary amounts on our website, our remuneration is not just numerical values. We appreciate your unique story, art and the value you bring on the board. Join us and develop your talent in an environment where it will be truly appreciated.

Submitting your resume

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, start by sending your CV with contact details to our HR department. Once we receive it, we will confirm its delivery by email.


Telephone interview with Michaela Olmrová

If your resume meets our requirements, you will be contacted by our head HR specialist, Míša. During this friendly call, she will introduce you in more detail the position you have applied for and asks about the details in your CV.


Personal meeting

If there is interest from both sides, we will arrange a personal meeting with Míša. At the meeting you will meet your potential manager and you will also have the opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility.


Decision and offer

After the meeting, both sides will consider next steps. If we decide that you are the right fit for us, you will receive an offer from us via email. After its confirmation, preparation for your joining our company follows.

Peek into the pulsating hearts of our employees!

Our photo gallery reveals how we create, celebrate and innovate together. You see the real team spirit and energy of the whole SOPO. Join us and be part of this inspiring journey!

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